Vectis Landmarks

The River Tear – This broad waterway runs from the foothills of the Loptheim Mountains down to the Smoking Bay. Its water, and the sheltered valley it has carved, provide the life blood of the Impernium. In Vectis, two of its branches come through the city. The Western branch is kept clean, for the pleasure of those that live on its bank. The Eastern branch has been built up with factories, and its waters run slow and foul. Below Old Vectis, the branches rejoin just before opening up into the bay.

The Glass Warren – Built into a towering spire of rock, the Glass Warren is a marvel of modern engineering. When the Dwarven clans of the Impernium first moved in to Vectis, they built a traditional warren in the bedrock underneath. With the massive wealth and industry at their command, they quickly set their sights higher. Carving into the existing spire of rock, the Dwarves created a glass, steel, and stone warren in the sky. At over 600 feet, it is one of the tallest structure in the Impernium. It faces towards the great Smoking Bay, overlooking all of Vectis. The south facing extends out from the living stone, built of steel girders, faced with carved marble, and huge panes of crystal clear glass. It is a testament to the engineering skill of the Impernium. It is also by far the most expensive real estate in the city. It’s lower levels house the city bureaucracy, city hall taking over the bottom 10 stories. The rest of the tower is offices and homes for the wealthiest of the Dwarven clans and a few other citizens of great prestige, and income.

The Great Courts of Vectis – Meeting out Justice is the greatest act of faith in Gaol. As such, all of her highest churches double as Courts. Eight such churches serve the needs of the City Guard and the common man. Each of these Temple-Courts is a massive stone structure, decorated with the finest carvings, and clad in slate. Beneath each court lies a prison complex, serving to house those who are awaiting trail, sentencing, or transfer to a more permanent location. Clerics and priests of Gaol serve as both the defense and the prosecution, interchangeably. There are only public defenders. The Courts hear trials from dawn until dusk, every other day. On their off days, the Court is open to worshipers seeking legal advice or representation in Civil disputes. Each Court also goes over the decisions made on the prior day by every other Court. If there is a disagreement over finding or sentencing, it is noted in the annals. A Gaolian Court decision can not be overturned.

  • Church of the Word – Across the square from the Glass Warren, this Church is the bureaucratic heart of the Churches in Vectis. The Priests here specialize in cases brought against other priests of Gaol and challenges to the laws as written. The Church is built around a massive library that stores all recorded Gaolian trials.
  • Church of the Lady in Darkness – Home of the Eye of Gaol, a powerful magical artifact propurted to be one of Gaol’s actual eyes. Protected by the priests, a detachment of Inquisitors, and one of Gaol’s Marut. The Eye reveals the true natures of any person that comes into its view. Few can stand its gaze. These Priests specialize in fraud and libel cases, always seeking those who spread lies.
  • Keep of the Naked Blade – It is said the Gaol’s Sword is never sheathed, but wrapped in scrolls of her laws. When the laws end, all that is left is the Naked Blade. This fortress-church is the home of the Inquisition. It’s priests specialize in laws concerning the mad, the cursed, and the mutated. It houses the Sanitorium of Vectis, a state-run home for those touched by Zbraxian’s madness.
  • Catacombs of her Eternal Mercy – The final resting place of the dead of Vectis. The Priests here run the massive crematorium for disposing of the bodies of the dead. Gaol abhors the undead, and fire is a sure proof against reincarnation. The Priests here seek out those who would cheat mortality or rob a person of their allotted time on this earth. The send out emissaries to hunt down Liches, Vampires, and other deathless abominations.
  • Temple of the Masses – Gaol is the patron of cities and civilization, and this Church makes that very apparent. This is the largest church in Vectis by an order of magnitude. Here all the small claims of the people are heard by Priests. In many cases, it can take months for an individual to have his day in court, but this church is open to all.
  • Crucible of Gaol – At ten stories tall, this building strives to be united in form and function, a celebration of the wonders that science and the orderly study of the natural world can bring. The priests here are Architects and Scientists. They deal mostly with claims of industrial misconduct and intellectual property. These Priests are instrumental in keeping industry in the hands of those chosen by the Emperor, and are thus well loved by the Clans.
  • Shrine to the One – For the good of all, one must suffer. The Priests here provide aid and succor to those who have had to sacrifice for the good of the civilization. They review all trials that lead to someone being turned into a Gol-Man. They also run the municiple Hospital. This free Hospital is open to all citizens of Gaol’s Impernium. Many of the finest medical scientists in the Empire work here.
  • Church of the Light – Civilization and justice are lights in the pitch black night. This Church focuses on spreading the word of Gaol to the unbelievers. They mostly hear cases dealing with acts of direct Heresy and matters of faith. They run missions in all of the border lands of the Impernium, and are starting to spread the light of Gaol to the Kingdoms on Ankya. The Military worships here, primarily.

Mikill Station – The greatest single public work of the last half-century, the Mikill train station is as much a Temple to Gaol as it is an edifice of transit. All of the great rail lines of the Impernium meet here. The largest of the Tunnel stops is carved in vaulting chambers from the bedrock below. Hundreds of thousands of feet wear down the ornate, inlaid frescoes on the floors. An intricate web of glass and steel lets in what little light can penetrate the clouds of smoke rolling off the hundreds of trains. Huge cranes shift overhead, moving freight on and off rail-cars. Keeping everyone organized is the greatest wonder of the station. A huge display board fills the main gallery, steam driven wheels flip hundreds upon hundreds of black and white tiles, the patterns they form spelling out the schedules of every train and Tunnel car for hours into the future. Between updates, favored businesses are allowed to scroll announcements of their product’s particular qualities and benefits.

The Vectis College of Gaol – Second only to the Gelborg branch, the Vectis College of Gaol is a great center of engineering knowledge. This College brings together many of the finest minds in the physical sciences, mathematics, and engineering. It is here that the shipwrights of Gaol’s Quay learn their trade. This college is a bit controversial, however, since many of the engineers hold that Stannis is the greater patron of the sciences. The faculty are far less conservative, and far less religious, then their counterparts in Gelborg.

The University of Vectis – This seat of education has withstood conquest by Mage-Kings, the opening of the Rift, civil war in its very halls, and conquest by the Emperor. It is quite possibly the longest running University in the world. Its focus is on the philosophical, the arcane, and the cosmological. On top of the hill above the campus, they have built the finest telescope in the Impernium, The Panoptis Observatory. As much as the free thinkers of the University may chafe under Imperial rule, they would not have been able to construct such a wonder without the aid of the Impernium’s engineers. When the skies above the city are clear, the Panoptis peers deep into the mysteries of the Universe.

Gaol’s Quay – The finest shipbuilding facility in the world. This massive collection of dry-docks, wharves, and workshops produces almost all of the ships for the Impernium’s navies. All told, nearly 20,000 workers are employed by the various factories, cranes, warehouses, and docks that make up the Quay. The United Order of Smithing and Metallurgy works tirelessly to reduce the number of Gol-Men employed on the Quay, in order to secure their members high paying jobs.

Hearth Hospital of Astranos – Situated at the down river tip of the Island, this Hospital is also the largest church of Astranos in the city. Technically pre-dating the modern city of Vectis, the Hospital has expanded with its host city. The Priests here provide the best medical care available. They provide their services free of charge for those that are in dire need, but otherwise require steep tithes for treatment. As such, they serve the richest in the city and its most desperate.

Castle Haakon – Named for the General in charge of the initial wave of Impernium troops to take Old Vectis. His body was never found after the end of the battle. It is said that he was last seen being pulled into a pocket realm by one of the defending wizards. This modern military fortress boasts the largest cannon ever built. From its lofty perch, it is capable of lobbing a 1-ton shell into the bay, and well beyond. Only the flagship of the Impernium’s navy could hope to sit outside its range and shell Vectis, and even then just barely.

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Vectis Landmarks

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