Unwelcome Visitors

So long, HQ, it was nice while it lasted

The Dorta soiree concluded, the party piles into the Greyhawkmobile and aims for HQ. However, the group’s approach is impeded by roadblocks surrounding the Grekhawk office.

The building is lit by spotlights and appears to be surrounded by city guard. Detectives on the scene inform the party that neighbors have reported noises from inside the HQ. On cue, a growl emanates from within the building, followed by a thump that rattles the doors and windows. The guard has clearly tried to enter for further investigation, their lockpicking tools in evidence on the ground in front of the building. The guards’ efforts thus far have been unsuccessful, thanks to the fortifications of the paranoia-driven Greyhawkers.

Cora sends Melf to have a look through the windows. Melf flies away and, on his return, can only contribute that the building “smells like a volcano’s anus.”

Argal unlocks the door and swings it open, with Dracaena and Lady Joy close on his heels. Lingering outside, they see burnt paper strewn about within the entry. Argal steps inside tentatively, and hears gulping and a great belch from within the kitchen. The others follow, accompanied by the guards. Dracaena stalks toward the kitchen doorway and sees a figure that looks like an orc, with tusks and glassine black skin covered in runes. Unconcerned about Dracaena’s approach, the orc-like creature brazenly continues glugging away at what Dracaena realizes,with no small dismay, is among the better of the HQ liquor supply. The front door slams shut.

Chitin grows over the bodies of the guards with whom the partial party is now trapped inside. The intruders attack and blades fly. Cora gets the door open so that she can lend her powers to the fray. One of the detectives manages to escape. Of the other invaders, one is kept alive for interrogation, the rest killed.

The party clears the bodies from what had been their trusty base of operations, wondering where they can operate now that this place seems to be no longer safe.



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