Steam Night

Why we don't get invited to many parties

Meeting again with the cabal, we discuss the next clan to strike
- Dorta’s power is split between vectis and the military shipyards at the mouth of the smoking bay, but general consensus is that it’s going to be a harder target
- The weak point of Haugland seems to be the Caliph. Ester and Robur start looking into the Caliph’s movements
- Dr. Listbeth Vinda is familiar with Petra’s factory, but they guard their secrets jealously. Carter says they’re having an event soon – the unveiling of a new prototype. Dr. Vinda arranges for an invite for us and Carter

At the party, we scope out a bit. Carter and Dracaena meet the clan head, Hedda, and Dr Reddot, their cheif specialist researcher (and a hochi). D.r Reddot takes Carter, Dracaena, and Cora on a tour, and learn that they’re using spirits to power thier machinery. Now past the guards, Carter knocks out the doctor, and we make our way down

Meanwhile, Arnauld and Argal sneak in, and we meet up and search for a way down. Narrowly ducking away from a procession including a guard in giant steam armor we find the elevator.

We past the first floor – we see doors, not very big
The second floor – barracks
The third and fourth floor – locked down with guards and bars – likely for the gol-man laborers
The fifth floor, the bottom – huge steel doors. Inside is a huge stone building converted for industrial use – made at least in part of much older ruins.

Killing the guards, we head to the right where we find a church of stannis, an ammo room, a wizard’s summoning circle, and finally a R&D area. We lack time to properly search the R&D lab, so we grab some books and head back to the manufacturing area

in the manufacturing area, there are assembly line machines running on both steam and some sort of liquid metal. Following to the source, we find a huge steel prison door, heavily warded against magic. Inside is a seated black stone figure – a trapped elemental. Cora speaks to it in Primordial and come to an agreement that if we let it go, it will give us time to escape and leave the city alone. In return, it will get to destroy the factory and kill the summoning wizards.

Breaching the cell, the machinery grinds to a halt. Not having much time before the room comes down on us, we rush to the elevator, grabbing gol-men laboreres with us as we go. Going up the elevator, it begins accelerating as the factory comes down and we blast through the top – leaving the party in ruins and in the chaos we manage to escape.



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