Death in the Afternoon

A siege and a dinner party.

Much as with any afternoon, Greyhawk Investigations was sitting around, contemplating their next move. There were a number of actions they could take, including:

  • Striking against Clan Petra’s Steam Factory
  • Destroy their means of production
  • Recover their research from their R&D lab
  • Make the strike look like an accident
  • Set the Cabal to investigate why the Caliph is working with Clan Haugland. What’s the deal there and is it something we can mess with to remove the Caliph from the political playing field?
  • Get the ball rolling on starting the Mercenaries’ Guild

Our stalwart heroes began to do some legwork on Clan Petra and found some potentially useful information:

  • There are certain parts of the steam engines, namely the valve controls, that are only built in the main factory. Next step would be to try to figure out where in the factory this takes place so we can shut it down.

It was a scant week later when a breathless messenger burst into Greyhawk Investigation’s headquarters with an urgent missive. Nicolas, another of the Biviar cousins, was carrying a message from Feldan, to wit: “The Bitch has no sense of humor and is taking it worse than we thought. I think we may have underestimated her. She’s got mercs and I think an assassin. Please come to my assistance at once. After recovering his breath, Nicolas was ready to escort the brave heroes to the Biviar Compound.

Cora used her arcane prowess to send a message to Feldan to let him know that help was on the way. He informed her that he had locked himself in his quarters after watching one of his bodyguards killed right in front of him. He believed there was an assassin loose in the house with one target: him.

Our heroes jumped into the Greyhawkmobile (trademark pending) and raced off to the rescue! As they approached the compound, they could hear a high-pitched whine, which Arnauld’s ears identified as the sound of a steam-driven Gatling gun. Ah, those sweet memories of the war. They approached a little cautiously so they could get an idea of what was going on. The main gate was firing on a group of orcs and some trolls who were from the Blackspire Mercenary Company. It appeared that there would be no entry through that gate.

Fortunately, Nicolas, when asked, knew of a side gate. The heroes arrived there to see a group of orcs and a troll approaching it and the Gatling gun not yet powered up to fire. Moving quickly, the group took care of the troll and most of the orcs. Young Nicolas was able to get them access to the compound, which they entered as the gate’s Gatling gun spun up and started to suppress the attacking mercs.

Quickly assessing the situation, the group knew they’d have to split their forces to succeed. Arnauld, Cora, and Eigil took to the walls to beat back the merc attack while Argal and Dracaena entered Feldan’s residence to find the assassin and save their friend and ally.

Needless to say, our heroes were triumphant in their attempts. The Blackspire attack was broken and the assassin was found and eliminated. Carin Biviar’s ill-guided attempt on her own son’s life set her own downfall in motion; the Clan was very upset with her blatant attack and preference for mercenaries over good, loyal, more expensive (and frankly less competent), clan guards. Feldan expressed his gratitude towards Greyhawk Investigation and lavished them with rewards and the promise to return the favor in the future, should it be needed.

Our brave heroes boarded the Greyhawkmobile and returned to their headquarters, flush with the feeling of a good victory.



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