A dwarf parts with his cask of liquid gold

and other somewhat important happenings

Having successfully weakened both Clan Petra and Clan Biviar, we meet again with the cabal. Ester has successfully tracked the Caliph – finding that once a month on the night of the full moon he heads to the naval fortress at the fangs, where he meets a ship under Haugland’s colors. The ship unloads a wooden object of exotic design and leaves, returning riftward. We decide that our best chances are avoiding the caliph for now and instead following the ship – but unfortunately the full moon is several weeks off.

In the meeting, we also find that Zebollah is planning one of the largest protests ever – blockading the Crucible of Gaol where scientists learned the secrets of creating gol-men, at sunset when the scientists are leaving.

Simultaneously, Eigol gets a sending from Leffnir, “I have found a group of the faithful and am being recalled into the underdark. I will enter the city on the cover of darkness”.

As Leffnir needs a distraction and we need help with the protest, we ask Leffnir to meet us in the square, with Ester, Carter, and Burroughs. We arrange for a subway train to stand at the station so we can get most of the gol-men out, while several carts get pulled up in case we need to get Zebollah out.

The protest begins. Zebollah gives another rousing speech, this time aimed at the scientist, encouraging them to feel remorse for the outcome of their research. After about 20 minutes, one of the counterprotests starts moving in – we warn one of Zebollah’s lieutenants, who dismisses them as jackasses with signs.

Arnauld infiltrates some of the more organized pockets of the counterprotest, and finds that they are church groups of Alexandria. One of the members raises his hand aggressively, which Arnauld deflects, but he can’t deflect the second, which forces one of the gol-men to start firing his rivit gun, grazing a member of the guard.

At that point, chaos breaks out and fights start happening on both sides. Arnald tries to run distractions, Leffnir tries casting a spell, and Argal and Cora try to get the majority of the gol-men to the subway station, but the storm that had been brewing turns into a rift storm – fueled by magic that is ripping the dead from the riot towards the devil’s work. As the storm and riots worsen, Ester comes up with a plan to use some of her research to get it under control – needing a well of arcane power and an abberation. Leffnir volunteers as the well, and we sending the Wise one to help us. Meeting at the university, we head to the university but the funicular is halted by icing over with frost – the devil Beezil is finishing an agreement with a Niogi and his construct – “the payment is complete., yes? we will pay you double what they’re worth to bring them back alive”

Defeating the Niogi’s construct, he is about to plea for a bargain when he is destroyed by a fireball – which turns out to be a woman possessed by the devil Aal. Defeating her too, we head to the observatory where Ester, her assistants, Leffnir, and the Wise One are frantically working the controls. Eigol helps Leffnir with his runes, and Cora jumps in when Ester is no longer able to handle the spell. As the observatory crashes in itself, the spell completes, bringing all the rift energy into a tight ball of chaos. Ester at this point is passed out, and Leffnir is nothing but his phylactery. The Wise One, greatly drained, takes the ball and says he’ll have to return it to his plane, which can only be accessed by the deepest parts of the underdark. Eigol agrees to join him, leading Leffnir’s army and taking the phylactery.

Argal, noting that there are few taverns where Eigol is going, gives him his cask of liquid gold and we bid Eigol farewell.



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