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This is a brief overview of the information for the Rift World setting I am using for my DnD games. This knowledge represents what every person living in society understands about the world they live in and the people they share it with. Based on individual character backgrounds, you will know more details about where you come from.

History: A brief overview of how the world got to be like it is. Mostly dealing with the Apocalypse that this world suffered about 50 years ago.

Politics: A very small overview of the three biggest political forces in the world and a summary of the kinds of political entities that this world produces.

Culture: A general overview of culture in this world, what the common people’s lives are like. Includes how they talk about dates and times, money, and magic.

Geography: A brief rundown of the major landmasses in the world.

Deities: A list of the Major, Minor, and Demi- Gods of the world.

Places: A list of important places.


House Rules: An ever changing list of things I have changed from stock 4th edition, or new player options I have added to flesh out my world.

Main Page

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