The Greater Gods

The Greater Gods divide amongst themselves the duties of Creating, Shaping, Maintaining, and Destroying the raw essence of creation. They are timeless and virtually omnipotent, with huge hosts of natural and supernatural agents in all walks of life. They are much more aware of the need for balance amongst the greatest of all beings, and were once a very unified and peaceful group of deities. Since the corruption of Zbraxian, this balance has been lost. Gaol is now locked in a mad race to civilize and lock down the world to weaken Zbraxian to the point that he may be destroyed and created anew. The Wild has yet to fall in on either side, but tends to help both so that some balance is maintained.

Gaol, The Judgement (LN) – A cold, merciless, and beautiful woman, Gaol serves as the final arbiter in all disputes both mortal and divine. A living embodiment of raw logic and relentless justice, she has no patience for lies and no tolerance for deceit. So that her vision may never again be clouded by falsehoods, she put her own eyes out after being tricked by Stannis.

She is the goddess of civilization and cities, protecting all thinking creatures from the merciless, lawless wild. As one of the three Greater Gods, she is partially responsible for the creation of the world. She takes the raw chaos of creation and binds it in rules. She is a smith and a forger of great renown.

When creatures die, they lose their form and pass out of her domain. When this happens she judges their life, and the time that they had in her structure. She then sends the immortal part of each living thing, the raw essence of its Order, on to the God which has the most claim. The rules by which she judges each dieing creature are laid down by the other Gods and are in constant flux.

Domains: Law, Protection, Death, Knowledge

Sample Tenants

  • All things tend to Chaos. Fight against this at all times.
  • Order and structure are their own reward.
  • Men need laws to elevate them above beasts. Provide a framework for your fellow man to live within.
  • Death is the domain of Gaol and should be left in her hands.
  • Enforce the law with a firm and even hand.
  • Constantly question laws, and make sure they are effective and clear.

The Wild (True Neutral) – An entity that almost defies mortal description, the Neutral Greater God is the embodiment of natural order and dynamic balance. It exists in all living things, in all natural surroundings, and all the works of men. It exists to give all conflict purpose and context and to ensure that no one force becomes powerful enough to destroy the balance of the world itself.

Rarely choosing to manifest directly, The Wild generally will provide the most subtle of influences. A strange bird that calls one’s attention to what the Lord wants you to see, or a bout of bloody flux that keeps you in bed and off of a fatal battle field are the ways in which its will is made manifest.

Those few champions of the Natural Order who dedicate themselves to personally maintaining the balance of forces in the world will sometime encounter the Lord directly. In these exceedingly rare cases, it manifests as a massive consciousness spread out over all living creatures and natural environments in the area. These manifestations can sometimes cover miles and miles of wilderness, speaking in the voice of a countless throng of wildlife and shifting the very mountains around.

Domains: Plant, Earth, Fire, Air, Water, Sun, Animal

Sample Tenants

  • Life is only possible between stasis and chaos and we walk the razor’s edge.
  • The natural order has a way of working out, be not hasty to act.
  • Look not to the Wild for salvation, you can save yourself.
  • Respect the power of the world.
  • Adapt and thrive so that you may always grow stronger.

Zbraxian, The Riftlord (CE) – Once the god of magic and change, Zbraxian has become a corrupt and twisted entity in the past few years. Mad with power, and growing ever stronger, he threatens the very fabric of reality. It is from him that The Rift at the center of the world draws its terrible power.

The Riftlord, as he is now known, appears different to every observer. In days past, he was a vaguely humanoid male of shifting shape, color, and dimension. Now, when he chooses to appear, his form is a mash of the darkest dreams and desires of those who view him. A living nightmare of impossible size and power, no living creature may look upon his new form without being driven irrevocably insane. The only constant feature is The Riftlord’s massive warhammer, the Fractured Maul. This is the weapon, forged in parts unknown, that shattered reality at the Rift.

As the erstwhile God of Chaos and Change, Zbraxian has domain over all things that break down order or invoke changes to the world both great and small. He will often personally oversee great acts of magic or large scale uprisings and wars. In times past, his presence would herald great upheavels, and allow even the most powerful of tyrants to be overthrown. These days, his presence heralds nothing but death and destruction, as the most foul of creatures will follow in his wake, and Rift Energies warp the fabric of reality around him.

Domains: Chaos, Magic, War, Evil, Destruction

Sample Tenants (Pre Rift)

  • Change comes inevitably. Embrace it.
  • Stasis breeds corruption and weakness. Deny it.
  • Magic is the blood of the universe. Respect it.
  • Creation is change. Build it.

Sample Tenants (Post Rift)

  • The Rift is all. Accept it.
  • We will all be reborn in its light. Worship it.
  • Gaol would stop our rebirth. Destroy Her.

The Warring Lords

Pure representations of extreme ideals, the Warring Lords are true deities, never having known a mortal existence. Created in the dawn of time from the most potent veins of creation left over after the forging of reality, these beings define their own planes of existence outside of the realm of mortals and lesser gods. These Gods are locked in eternal warfare over the minds and hearts of the mortals, trying to shift the balance of morality towards their own ends. Unlike the Greater Gods, they hate and oppose each other openly. They are also more concerned with belief and worship then the Greater Gods, as they draw their power directly from the belief and souls of sentient creatures, as opposed to tapping the raw well of creation.

God-King Astranos (LG)* – Sometimes consort of Gaol, and self-styled King of the Gods, Astranos upholds law and order as a means to improve the lives of mortals. Kind, compassionate, and guileless, the God-King honestly believes that all creatures inherently seek to do good, and just need the proper moral framework in order to fulfill their true potential.

Trusting to the last, and ever willing to allow an evil doer to mend their ways, Astranos is constantly tricked, betrayed, and made fool of by the other gods. As such, he has been forced over the millenia to create a war-form to revert to when the time for redemption is passed. Manifesting as a beautiful and terrible knight armored in the white hot light of the stars, few are the deities that can stand against the God-King in open battle.

Domains: Law, Good, War, Healing, Protection

Sample Tenants

  • A starving man is more cruel then a fed man.
  • Men want to do good. They just need to be allowed to.
  • When people do evil, seek always the root of their madness.
  • Some creatures are evil by nature and must be regrettably destroyed.

Alexandria, Lady of the Nine Hells(LE) – Queen to Devils, corrupter of men, and slayer of Asmodeus, the former Lord of Hell. Alexandria is one of the most deadly and powerful of the Gods. She is the embodiment of tyranny and cruelty. She sees all of reality as a giant game, with myriad rules and regulations. Her goal is to sway the souls of mortal man to evil and tyranny, tempting them to fall, and thereby gain dominion over the mortal realm.

In recent years the corruption of Zbraxian has set her back greatly. No longer the most powerful of the Evil Deities, she has found common cause with Gaol and her hated enemy, the God-King Astranos. With the chaos unleashed by the Rift, the game has stopped following the rules, and thus she cannot manipulate the board.

Alexandria controls the Legions of Hell, the plane of eternal suffering and damnation. The Devils in the legion are some of the most powerful of the supernatural entities, and they are constantly trying to overthrow Alexandria and to steal her throne.

Domains: Law, Evil, Destruction, Trickery

Sample Tenants

  • Life is a cruel, callous game, you must learn the rules.
  • Always look to advance yourself, it is the right of the best to rule.
  • Accept no weakness or mercy in yourself, you will find none in others.
  • Those who will not behave in a civil fashion do not deserve civil protections.
  • Do not destroy what you seek to rule, there will always be another chance.

Lady Vashti (CG) – All creatures that can think have the freedom to choose their own path in life, so says the Lady Vashti. Vashti is the patron of all those who would strive against tyranny in all its forms. Reckless and wild, she will undo any law or rule to promote liberty.

She is an artist and a poet, serving as a muse for those who make beauty their lives. She is also a freedom fighter, and an accomplished guerrilla warrior. She is constantly at odds with all of the Lawful Deities. Before his corruption, she was very close friends with Zbraxian. She has been less hostile towards the Riftlord then the other deities.

Lady Vashti manifests as a warrior-poet woman. She appears fragile, ephemeral, and achingly beautiful. However, her looks can be very deceiving. She moves with grace beyond measure and strikes like a spring storm. She is fond of appearing in mortal guise and loves to get her immaculate hands dirty.

Domains: Chaos, Good, War, Strength, Travel

Sample Tenants

  • People hide behind rules and laws like cowards.
  • Do right by yourself and your friends and you have done right.
  • Cast off the shackles others would put on you and on others.
  • Live a beautiful life.
  • Ignorance is the cruelest prison of all.

Grin, Lord of Consumption (CE) – Savagery and all consuming passions fill the Lord of Consumption, the All-Eater, the Endless Maw. He represents all of the most base passions of mortal life, and exists only to fill those needs and to corrupt others to do the same. He wants nothing more then to wallow in decadence while watching the world burn down around him.

Grin manifests in several forms. His most sociable is a normal humanoid, slightly overweight, with a very unsettling smile. Several rows of sharpened teeth hide behind his bloated and puffy lips. They are capable of chewing through quite literally anything. In this form he has all the charm of a serial killer, and is the patron of murders of all stripes. In the wilds or off in the far planes he will often appear as a great beast of mutable flesh, with hundreds of claws and thousands of teeth, he is the Lord of Beasts and the Prince of Savagery. For those unfortunate enough to meet Grin when he is in his own realm, they will face the Maw. A single point, a tear in the fabric of reality, from which nothing escapes, ever hungry, ever feeding. Grin can be avoided, the Lord of Beasts can be escaped, but none have ever returned from the Maw. He is the doom of his own realm, carving a never ending path of destruction as he moves about in search of anything that might sake his lusts.

Domains: Chaos, Evil, Destruction, Animal, Death

Sample Tenants

  • Live always in the moment, it could be your last.
  • Take pleasure wherever you can find it.
  • It is natural for the strong to prey on the weak.
  • Give all glory to Grin, lest he come for you.
  • Vice is weakness to those who fear it. Embrace your’s and become invincible.

The Mortal Lords

Once living creatures, from this plane or another, the Mortal Lords exist in the spaces just outside of mortal reality. Empowered by Greater Gods or imbued with divinity by countless centuries spent gaining power, these are by far the most accessible of the Gods. While they are puissant beyond comprehension, they are not Omnipotent. They have often been killed, their mantles moving on to those who slay them. They can be bargained with and tricked, and are often active directly in the mortal realm.

Warlord Khral (NG) – The eternal soldier, Khral is the current incarnation of the God of Battle. There is always a God of Battle, and when the current one is inevitably slain, the greatest living warrior is chosen to be exalted. The God of Battle is a living testament to Might being undifferentiated from Right, and strives always to make the world a better place through his horrific violence.

His current incarnation has held his Divinity for but a decade, after the previous Warlord faced off against Grin. Khral was a Dwarven Mercenary of more then some repute. He never took payment up front and could never be directly bought. You brought your grievance to him, and he decided if he liked your cause. He would base his payments on a portion of what it was you gained.

The God of Battle is a soldier born, and can serve in every imaginable military position. He is not only a preternaturally gifted combatant, but he is one of the most gifted tacticians known. Only Gaol and Alexandria rival him for sheer cunning, and his mortal experience will often give him the tactical edge.

Domains: Good, War, Strength, Protection

Sample Tenants

  • You were given strength to use it.
  • Protect those that cannot protect themselves.
  • Awful things can make the world a better place, do not shy away.

Dalarya, the Hidden Knife (NE) – The god of assassination and murder, the Hidden Knife is one of the more mysterious gods. It follows no known agenda, showing its hand at seemingly random times and places. It has the ability take over any living creature with murder in its heart, and can push them far beyond their normal limitations. It uses this ability to commit whatever acts of brutality it feels will further its agenda.

While the God has no name or body, Dalarya is the name of its favorite host. An elven woman, and subtly renowned assassin, Dalarya is treated as a Saint and High Preistess of The Hidden Knife. Many of her customers hope and pray that she is taken by the God during their assignment, granting her the ability to kill any target they may have. Unfortunately, The Hidden Knife does not limit its murders to Dalarya’s target.

The one constant of the Hidden Knife is that it looks after its own. Those who take the blade into their heart know that, no matter what, their brethren will watch out for them. Woe to those who would do these people harm.

Domains: Evil, Death, Destruction

Sample Tenants

  • Remove those that would threaten Dalarya.
  • Keep to the shadows, speak in a whisper.
  • Death is not the worst that can happen.

Stannis, The Jester (CN – Fire) – Once two seperate Gods, the Elemental Lord of Fire and the Trickster God Stannis, The Jester is the god of humor, trickery, fire, and technology. He has relatively little in the way of raw power, but he is clever beyond reason. He often works with other Gods, mostly to set them up for jokes at their expense. He is a favorite of the common man, being the star of many legends, tales, and songs.

Often credited with bringing the secrets of mastering fire to primitive elves Epoch’s ago, he has become the patron of Science and Reason. While his common demeanor seems a poor fit for such stodgy topics as Engineering and Alchemy, he is famous for being unable to leave a puzzle or problem unsolved. Many of the top smiths and mathematicians are Priests of Stannis, using his cunning as a model for their own problem solving.

Stannis appears as a more or less normal mortal. He is dashing and handsome with a wiry build and a constant smile. Generally the only evidence that one is dealing with a God is his uncanny insights into the world around him, and a general increase in the size and heat of local fires. When angered, his Fire Lord nature will become more evident, as he shimmers with heat and his normally dull reddish hair bursts into blue-white flame.

Domains: Fire, Trickery, Luck, Chaos

Sample Tenants

  • Fight with your head or, better yet, don’t fight.
  • Flames bring purification and destruction, never confuse the two.
  • Innovation can save you or destroy you, you can’t be sure which.

Pelare (LN – Earth) – The Elemental Lord of Earth is basically just an ultra-potent Earth Elemental. He animates a body of Adamantine Ore, studded with gems, and veined with red hot magma. He weighs thousands of tons and towers above castle walls. With his bulk, Pelare physically conquered most of the Elemental Plane of Earth. Upon gaining power over the inhabitants of his plane, he began systematically taking control of the plane itself. Eventually his own will was so twinned with the nature of the Plane that he became its deity, and a living reflexion of it. He has now turned his eye to applying the same level of control and order to the Mortal Realm.

Pelare represents Natural Order. Unlike Gaol, who is concerned with Legality and orderly behavior, Pelare seeks to enforce order upon the natural world. He seeks to foster civilization so that random natural processes can be forestalled. He seeks a world of carven stasis, a world where a guiding intelligence shapes every inch of the earth and controls all living things.

Disciples of Pelare are Smiths, Architects, and Animal Trainers. All his servants seek to extend the dominion of cold stone over the water, air, and fire of the world. As a former general and conqueror himself, he seeks those who can train troops and maintain discipline.

Domains: Law, Earth, War, Strength

Sample Tenants

  • Nature tears down everything. It is up to us to resist it.
  • Never give in, never be swayed.
  • Leave a lasting mark, etch your name in stone.

Balantine, Lady of Waves (True Neutral – Water) – Progenitor of the Merpeople, Balantine is an ancient Goddess. She is predominately the Guardian of the Undersea Races and a protector of the oceans. She also has power over the storms and the waves on the open sea. Seaside villages will often pray to her for a good fish harvest or calm weather.

Balantine spends most of her time at her palace in the Elemental Plane of Water. However, when ever a deity or demigod level threat rises against the oceans she protects, she will smach against them like an angry sea. She can control most of the lesser animals of the ocean, and will generally send them as her emissaries to deal with lesser problems. She both gives life to mortals and takes it away, as hers is the fickle nature of the ever changing waves.

Balantine appears as a smooth skinned Merwoman of surpassing beauty. She is armored in Silvered Scale Mail fashioned to look like the skin of a fish. She wields a crossbow specifically made to fire underwater and a colossal Silver Spear that controls the very waves.

Domains: Water, Protection, Healing, Destruction, Animal(sea only)

Sample Tenants

  • Protect the Mermen and the seas they swim in.
  • Allow life to ebb and flow, do not think to fight the tides.
  • Fear neither the storm’s fury or the deep calm, both have their place.

Galth’zaz (True Neutral – Air) – The Orc God is a former mortal who has harnessed the unbridled power of the Storm God. After Zbraxian formed the Rift, an Orcish warlock tried to bind the God of Storms and Thunder to aid the Orcs in conquering the weakened Goblins and Hobgoblins who shared their mountains. For about a month, it even seemed to be working. Unfortunately for the Orcs, Galth’zaz was not strong enough to keep his own personality in the face of a God. The Orcs were able to use his power to gain a foothold, but since then the God of Thunder has resumed his normal duties with a new face.

The God of Storms and Thunders is lord over the winds and the high places in the world. All the creatures that live in the Air fall under his domain. He follows favored travelers giving them good weather and a strong headwind. When forces align against his mountain domains or his chosen people he will often send champions from his elemental servants. Since the incident with Galth’zaz, he has been showing more favor to the Orc’s, and become something of a patron of theirs. When he is in a normal mood, he is a very level-headed deity, only concerned with his own matters. When his Storm Aspect is upon him, his Orcish nature comes out in full.

He appears as an elderly male Orc wearing smoke colored robes trimmed in gold. He wields a knotted staff of lightning-split yew. Wisps of cloud follow the God around, generally pooling around his hands and ear-points. When he is angry, lightning crackles from the same locations.

Domains: Air, Travel, Magic, Knowledge

Sample Tenants

  • Keep your own council, wisdom comes from within.
  • Protect the Orcs.
  • Remember that a subtle breeze can grind down a mountain faster then a thunderbolt.

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