Tag: Devil


  • Beezle

    Faced the party twice now, once as part of his group, once as a much stronger manifestation down in the sewers. Wields a large spear and seems to control ice and elemental cold.

  • Aal

    Has faced the party twice now. First time, he was trying to finish a ritual involving the soul of 'Tasia. His allies tried to protect him while he finished the ritual, but to no avail. The second time, he showed in the body of some random civilian …

  • Don

    The female member of the group of devils. She favors poisons and firearms. She seems to be a succubus under whatever body she is wearing. She has encountered the party twice. The first time she was with her group. The second she charged the …

  • Zaz

    Works closely with [[:don | Don]]. Has been encountered twice. Once on Don's shoulder as a helper. The other time disguised as a halfling coordinating with mercenaries attacking the party.