Tag: Cabal


  • Howard P. Carter

    Friend to many at the University of Vectis. Carter is the Chief Acquisitions Officer for the History department at the University. He is also a famed novelist. He has written a very sizeable pulp series about his own adventures, fictionalized, as his …

  • Burroughs

    A dwarven, Gol-Man Warlock of obvious power. Legally, he is owned by [[:howard-p-carter | Howard P. Carter]], but that is a polite fiction. He has shown himself to be quite, but funny. He is a stalwart companion of Carter's. His mastery of hellfire …

  • Mr. Andor

    Extremely rich for a clanless Dwarf. Mr. Andor leads The United Order of Smithing and Metallurgy, a union labor for metalworkers of all stripes in Vectis. He exudes competence and success. The attack on his fundraiser did little to rattle him.

  • Dr. Listbeth Vinda

    Relatively skinny for a Malleus, Dr. Vinda does not look like she spends much time sitting down. She seems permanently stressed, but handles it well. She speaks quickly, quietly, and with great authority. She is used to being listened to, but won't …