Vigdis Logsosen

Governor of Vectis


Governor Vigdis Logsosen is the Imperial leader of Vectis. She is also the titular head of the Church of Gaol in Vectis. One of the Emperors many Clanmates, Vigdis is one of the younger luminaries of the Logso Clan. Moving away from the family interest in science, technology, and arcana, Vigdis showed an early aptitude for economics and finance. She was instrumental in keeping the great Imperial Military running efficiently during the early days of its expansion. Now, she has been given sole oversight of Vectis and all its industry. She is a bright, eager dwarf, nearing her first century. She can be funny and sociable when occasion allows. However, when it comes to city business she is inhumanely focused and deadly serious. She will grow the strength of the Empire by making the millions of souls in Vectis run ever more efficiently.


Vigdis Logsosen

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