Emperor Niklas Logsosen

The Ruler of the Impernium


Head of the Logsogumandhr Clan of Gelborg Dwarves. High Potentate of the Church of Gaol. Emperor of the Impernium of Gaol.

Niklas commands more wealth, manpower, weaponry, and military might then any living person. He started as a weaponsmith of subtle, but profound, renown before the Rift. The Logso Clan gained much prominence in Gelborg by creating some of the first battle-ready cannons and muskets. They were also at the forefront of research into the creation of Golems and other automata.

After the Rift, Niklas became a new man. Claiming that the greater god Gaol had come to him in a vision, he rebuilt his City in her name. Fueled with Religious fire and backed by the weapon foundries of his own clan, it didn’t take long for Niklas to set his sights beyond the Loptheim Mountains. In the 40 years since the founding of the Impernium, Niklas has led his forces in victory upon victory. Gaol, through the Impernium, now lays claim to the entire continent.

Niklas Logsosen has calmed in the last few years. He is rarely seen outside of Gelborg. He is still directly involved in the research and development of new technologies for the Impernium. He is utterly devote to Gaol, and truly believes that the Impernium is the only hope to contain the Rift. He considers every person to suffer mutation to be a personal failure. He is serious to a fault, but can be kind. He clearly carries the burdens of a world on his broad shoulders.

Emperor Niklas Logsosen

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