You Say You Want A Revolution

In which our heroes bring non-violent protests to a violent world.

You Say You Want A Revolution

Greyhawk Investigations – operating for the moment without Arnauld – succeeded in freeing the prisoners from the train. The escapees scattered as the Imperials concentrated on getting the train back operational and running again. The Inquisitor took a small group and headed out after the escaped mutant orc.

Darkness fell and our brave heroes was headed towards a small town when a spanner appeared to gum up the works for their otherwise excellent plan. Byung-Hun was in the process of picking up a cargo when he was arrested and he wanted to retrieve and sell it before returning to Vectis. Reclaiming the contraband cargo, which was comprised of drugs, gunpowder weapons and some other steam driven devices, involved backtracking back towards the coast and possibly back towards danger.

But Greyhawk Investigations is not deterred by danger and so the group decided to return to the coast and get this cargo and perhaps make a profit out of this adventure. The other prisoners took this opportunity to go in the opposite direction, looking to find their own way to civilization and freedom. (Of course, our brave adventurers weren’t offering much in the way of aid or food or help to the other prisoners’, so perhaps this was the wisest course of action for the escapees.)

Our heroes traveled for a couple of days back towards Driftwood, where Byung-Hun guided them towards a smuggler’s cave that held the contraband cache. It was a sizable collection of crates, so they acquired a wagon and a couple of horses to pull it, loaded up and headed to the next town down the line. There they made contact with some gypsies (from the same clan that ran the Circus back in Vectis) who immediately recognized Argal.

The gypsies guided our heroes back towards Gelburg. The journey of a week and a half was not without some excitement; there were encounters with ankhegs, for example. But it was nothing that the might of Greyhawk Investigations (even without Arnauld) couldn’t handle and they reached Gelburg in good shape. There they sold the contraband, raking in a share of some $3,000, boarded the train and headed back to Vectis. Upon arrival in their home city, the party reunited Hitticage with his cousin, Byung-Hun, repaying their debt to the orc bartender.

A few days passed as our heroes recovered from their ordeal. The Walking Shadow dropped by for a nice visit and chat with Argal, but your humble scribe is sure this visit was nothing of note and so shall make no more report on it.

A few more days later, an Arbonal Gol-Man came to their offices making a delivery of a heavy box. The box turned out to hold many bottles of ice-cold beer and the delivery gol-man turned out to be Greyhawk Investigation’s next case. Zabala had heard nothing but good things about GI from his people. In a few days time, he and some friends were staging a work walkout. They were going to protect at Mikill Station. He had a speech he wanted to give during the walkout and was worried he wouldn’t have the time to speak his piece. He needed someone to stand near m that would give the guards pauses so he could complete his speech. He thought that having bodyguards of our reputation would do just that so he could deliver his message asking for gol-man rights, for limited terms of service, for the end of lifetime sentences for all crimes.

We told Zabala that we would need to discuss this before we could agree to help him, so off he went. True to our word, we discussed the heck out of this situation. While all of us empathized with the plight of the gol-man, this action steer dangerously close to treason. And while it might be the best thing for Vectis, long-term, it might be a bad thing for Greyhawk Investigations, short-term. Wanting more information on exactly what, if any, laws we’d be breaking, we consulted with the only advocate we trusted: Reynard.

Over dinner, Reynard agreed that anything we might do came awfully close to breaking sedition laws, but if we didn’t actually attack any guards or any one and only used our presence to buy Zaballa time to give his speech, we might be OK. With that in mind, we discussed which of our friends and acquaintances might be sympathetic to this cause, with an eye towards seeding the crowd at the station and giving our client the time he needed. Our old friend Felton, the Walking Shadow, Burroughs and Carter and the Democrats (or one of the other gangs) all struck us as possibly being helpful. We split contacting and convincing them up amongst us and broke for the evening.

Arnauld reached out to Felton. After hearing the pitch, Felton was moved by the gol-men’s plight. Unfortunately, circumstances prevented him from helping as much as he’d like, but he did have men under his command that could help. He would send men in Clan Beibier livery out in the crowd during the work stoppage to give the guards pause and perhaps slow down reactions and keep things peaceful.

Core and Dracaena paid a call on Hyoga of the Democrats, asking him to have his people show up and express sympathy for the gol-men. After all, if the gol-men get some suffrage, it means that some of them would have to get paid for their work, opening up the job market to non-slave labor. Hyoga said he could order his men to be in the area during the protest but could not promise peaceful support. He could, however, distribute information to his workers and if any of them wanted to show up and offer support, they could. In that way, the crowd would have more people who would be inclined to support the Gol-Man Cause without turning the peaceful protest into a violent mess.

Argal consulted with the Walking Shadow. It was as the Walking Shadow had seen; the city could not exist with so many of its people in bondage. There was some talk about of fears a protest might go beyond the gol-men, that the poor of Vectis might also rise up. But a change in the status-quo was necessary, even if it might be painful in the short term. The Walking Shadow pulled off one of his fingertips and gave it to Argal, saying that if Argal put it between his teeth when he needs, he could speak with the Walking Shadow’s voice for as long as needed in that situation.

Eigil went to talk to his sewer-dwelling brethren to help secure us an escape route from the station. He also enlisted the Wise One’s help in swaying the crowd’s mood and to clear (stun) a path to the escape route if needed.

In the final bit of preparation, Cora, Dracaena, and Arnauld went to call upon Carter and Burroughs. They would be there to offer what support they could.

Argal spoke with Oleg, a grizzled gol-man riveter to deliver a message to our client. We were in. Zarballa came to our offices the next day and we sign a contract. We had a long discussion on how this action must remain peaceful. Zarballa finally agreed to tell his people to not bring weapons and will keep the most damaged, the most angry away. He was afraid this might weaken his protest, but they would be the ones most prone towards responding with violence, which would damage his protect even more.

We were ready…



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