Breaking the Strikebreakers

Not a good day for trolling protesters

As Gol-Men protests still rage throughout Vectis, a young visitor bursts into Greyhawk headquarters. The dwarf, dressed in Clan Biviar livery, has a message from Felden: Felden’s mother has finally crossed the line, having hired troll mercenaries to attack the Gol-Men protests at a factory where a strike is ongoing. Felden wants us to intercept the trolls before chaos ensues at the factory where the Gol-Men are agitating.

We make our way to the factory, where Gol-Men workers are trying to get other workers to join them. Meanwhile, signs warning of Gol-Men coming after factory jobs are also being brandished at the site.

Before long, the trolls are approaching along an avenue leading to the factory, accompanied by a wagon. The driver of the wagon turns out to be mercenary guild leader Rial, an air elemental who disappears once it becomes clear we will be able to put up a decent fight. We make short work of the troll strikebreakers. After the bout, Rial reappears. As he gathers up pieces of troll, he mentions that he can give us work if we want it.

We meet with Felden to discuss the results of our encounter with the strikebreakers, and he presents us with some particularly useful gloves in thanks.

Later, we visit Carter to meet the members of the cabal he has assembled and to discuss plans for helping the Gol-Men cause. We are introduced to Esther, a department head at the University; Robur, the University Head; Mr. Andor, the leader of the metalworking union; and Lisbeth, one of the top surgeons at a Hospital of Astranos in Vectis.

We proceed to discuss our goals for the cabal.



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