An entirely uneventful protest

In which the party again inexplicably avoids combat

We arrange to meet with Zebollah the day before to lay out our plan.

- Cora will stay in the sewers to wait for the signal from the twinned flames. She will then use the whistle to get Zebollah out of the station. Arnauld will cover the magic with a smoke flare. Krazzat and the undernomads will stay down with Cora to help escort him out
- The Wise One will stay aboveground to help influence the crowd
- Dracaena will watch the perimeter in case the military shows up
- Eigol, Argal, and Arnauld will stay with Zebollah

The morning of the walkout we approach via the streets, and it is clear something has already happening – the City Guard is setting up a perimeter, and keeping people from going in or out. Arnauld manages to spot the right time to get us in, and Zebollah makes his way to the top of a sausage cart and starts his speech.

He first calls out to his fellow gol-men and supporters of his cause, and apologizes to others for any inconvenience. He gives a passionate speech telling about his service in the military, how he ultimately deserted, and his sentence was to be turned into a gol-man, and about how all the gol-men want are just the most basic of human rights – how they want to serve their sentence, and have the freedom to work.

Meanwhile, the plants in the audience are doing their thing – they are listening and nodding along, and the passerbys are finding themselves listening almost despite themselves.
As Zebollah gets to the end, an inquisitor speaks up and says “All gol-men should be on shift at this point. You are in violation of your parole. Return to your places of work, or we will round you up and assign you to less mobile posts”

Arnauld disguises himself a half elf of one of the clans, and approaches the inquisitor, and says he owns the gol-men, and they are there under his permission. Eigol asks the Wise One to influence the guards near him, and eventually they inquisitor, rather than escalating, sends a runner to the hall of records to fetch the paperwork, and tells Arnauld to stay put

As Zebollah finishes and the crowd cheers, someone in the crowd shrieks and the shout of “Mutant” goes up – they have spotted the Wise One. Eigol gets Zebollah away and sends a runner to Cora to get the Wise One out. Arnauld gets away from the inquisitor, drops his disguise, and uses his potions to stage a distraction and go for the Wise One. After using a smoke bomb, they move away and Argal uses the power of the Shadow to declare that the Inquisitor has defeated the mutant and that everyone should celebrate but to remember the plight of the gol-men. The crowd cheers, but the inquisitor says the mutant has not been killed and continues to search

Meanwhile, Arnauld keeps trying to get the Wise One away, whose pride is severely wounded and is lashing out at passerbys until Cora manages to whistle him down, at which point he mindblasts her
Eventually we get everyone out and the crowd disperses – shockingly nonviolently. Zebollah thanks us and says we have exceeded his expectations, even if he is clearly somewhat disappointed that it did not end up with a fight. He shows us to our payment – a secret storage that the military uses that he still has the code for, in which we take a few items

Over the next few days, the golem rights movement starts picking up steam. A few more smaller protests and walkhouts happen, and while there is a few deaths there is no open violence. The inquisition becomes a more common sight on the streets searching for mutants

Later, having lunch with Carter and Burrows, they invite us to join their secret crew whose purpose is to work further towards gol-men rights, and that their plan is to weaken the clans and that their first meeting is soon…



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